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Evergreen for Library IT Staff and Contractors

This is a guide intended for Systems Librarians, IT staff, municipal IT and IT contractors who work with libraries using Evergreen. It primarily focuses on concerns around setting up your workstations/desktops inside the library.

Evergreen is an open-source integrated library system. All of the source code is available online, as well as some documentation. Sitka keeps all of its changes in forked repository of Evergreen. We primarily use the git revision control system. If you are interested in contributing code to Sitka's Evergreen instance, please contact us.

OPAC Terminals

System Requirements

The OPAC only requires a modern web browser. The OPAC works best on Firefox, but also works well on recent versions of Internet Explorer (7 or greater), Google Chrome and Safari.

Locking Down Terminals

Many libraries have terminals which they wish to lock down to only access the library's catalogue. Because the catalogue is accessed over the internet, you will need to configure your terminals with a whitelist. If you are not familiar with whitelists, this can often be set up using firewall software.

To access the catalogue, you will need to whitelist and make sure it can be accessed on both http and https protocols. You may also need to whitelist third party hosts such as NoveList or BiblioCommons. Please contact Sitka support if you require more information.

There are many solutions for locking down workstations and browsers, here are a few to get you started:


Staff Client

System Requirements

The Evergreen staff client is built using XULRunner, a technology which is used for many applications, primarily Firefox, as well as Songbird media player, Thunderbird Email client and many more. Generally, the system requirements are on par with Mozilla Firefox – you'll want to make sure your system has decent JavaScript performance and high speed bandwidth, if you have the resources and the know-how, consider using Quality of Service/QoS or some form of throttling to prioritize traffic to the Evergreen server so that your public workstations don't eat up all your bandwidth.

Deployment Options

The Staff Client is built using Nullsoft Scriptable Installer System, and we can customize installer preferences such as icons, start menu items, shortcuts and many other general installation options. We can also build a silent installers. Finally, we can also build an MSI file for Windows Server users who wish to deploy the staff client using Group Policy. Contact Sitka Support if you would like us to investigate any of these options for you.

Future versions of Evergreen will offer an auto-update mechanism for the staff client.


Evergreen can store different "profiles" of settings – by default there is one un-changeable profile, but you may select profiles by adding the -ProfileManager flag to the Evergreen shortcut.

The staff client stores a lot of settings on the server, but it does store some local settings in the following path:

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\OpenILS\open_ils_staff_client\Profiles\XXXXXXX

This is where USERNAME is the Windows user account name and XXXXXX is a profile's identifier.

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