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Posting a News Item to the NNELS Website

Items posted as news show up on Criteria for being posted to this page:

  1. Content type: Article
  2. Publishing Options, option for "Promoted to front page" is checked for yes.


  1. Content > Add Content > Article
  2. Scroll down to "Publishing Options" and uncheck "Promoted to front page". Unchecking this box allows you to make an Article live (so that you can share the link and other people can review it) without it appearing on the News page quite yet. When you're ready for game time, you can check that box and the Article will show up on the News page in all its glory.

From a Word or Google Document

  1. If you copy and paste from Word or Google, you will get all kinds of hideous formatting that will drive you to drink which is okay sometimes but it might be too early in the day. You can check your formatting by setting "Text Format" to "plain text" to see how clean or dirty your HTML is.
  2. Copy and paste from Word into a text editor, flip it to plain text if it isn't already, then check that the spacing between paragraphs is consistent and appropriate. Also make sure there is consistent use of one space or two spaces following a period and the beginning of the next sentence.
  3. Once the text is clean, copy and paste that plain text into your Article on the NNELS website.


The title goes into the Title field, and sub-headings are usually set to H2.

Adding Images

  1. Set "Text Format" to "Full HTML";
  2. Click on the little landscape icon, right-most of the rich text editor options.

Adjust the URL (optional)

When posting to Twitter or sharing by email, it can be nice to have a tidy URL to share with people.

To adjust the URL, enter edit mode for the article and scroll down to "URL path settings". There's a note there that says, "Use a relative path and don't add a trailing slash or the URL alias won't work." Here is an example of what that means: news/griffin-prize-anthology-2019 (note no initial slash, the "news" part of the URL being included in the path, and no trailing slash).


Once the text is saved and reviewed:

  1. Double-check the posting date to make sure it's accurate;
  2. Go to "Publishing Options" and check the box for "Promoted to front page".
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