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Author & Citation Styles

Things like epigraphs, block quotations, and book reviews will often be followed by an attribution, either to an author or some other source.

The epigraph, block quote, and book review should be formatted using the Blockquote (DAISY) style from the NNELS Template, and the attribution should be formatted using the Author (DAISY) style or the Citation (DAISY) style, depending on what is appropriate.

Use the Author (DAISY) style when there is only an author name.

Use the Citation (DAISY) style when the source includes a person's name and the name of a work (or just the name of a work).

See example in the Q&A below.

The Author (DAISY) style is also used in poetry, to mark the name of the author.


Q: Is it appropriate to use the "Author" style for marking up the source of an epigraph? The source is not an author, but a text ("Emmanuel's Book")

A: The "Author" style should be used to mark up the source of an epigraph when that source is the name of a person. If the source includes a name of a person and the name of a work, or just the name of the source (i.e. it's a citation) then we should use the "Citation" style.

For example, we should mark the entire quote below with "Blockquote" style and then mark the author's name with the "Author" style.

   "It is a certainty that the free market will always generate greater
   wealth for the main players than will a planned economy. The question is,
   at what cost?"
   Virginia Hamilton Anderson

If the source includes extra information (more than just a name), then we must mark up the text with the "Citation" style. The Citation style marks a reference or citation to another source.

For example, we would mark Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland with the "Citation" style:

  "If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there."
  Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
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