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Converting MP3 to DAISY Audio using Converter Plus

This page is the instructions for how to use Converter Plus (formally NAC). As this is an ongoing project, this page is subject to updates as we improve the application and workflow.

The purpose of Converter Plus is to perform a rapid DAISY conversion, requiring as little human intervention as possible. Moreover, all required interaction takes place in one simple phase, so operators need not return to the computer to complete a conversion. The interface is clean and simple, so is entirely accessible to screen readers. Independent of any particular device or platform, a conversion can be requested from virtually any web-capable device anywhere in the world. Finally, because the original audio files are not modified, the quality of the input tracks is not affected by a conversion.

Communication and Project Workflow

After you have concluded your onboarding and training you will be assigned 30 titles a week.

Rachel will upload a spreadsheet to your dropbox that contains the URL links and the titles of your assigned books for that week. Please follow the instructions below for how to sideload a title.

If you come across an error message, stop your work. Email Rachel the full name of the project, exactly what you did to cause the error and a full copy-paste of the error. It is important that you do not paraphrase the error message, as we will need the exact wording to know what the issue is. You will have to put your Converter Plus work on hold until we solve the error.

If you have an issue with the file, such as it is not divided into proper chapters, you can pass the book to Rachel without exporting it. Please see below in Hand to Rachel for more info.

Any questions or concerns around your work beyond this you can email Rachel directly.

It is important you go through this documentation and process carefully. This project is all about paying attention to detail and asking questions if anything is confusing.

When you have finished a book you will export it and Send to QA to Check. The directions on how to do this are below. If there are any errors in a title you worked on, it will be passed back to you and you will receive a message on what you need to fix. If anything is unclear in this message, please reach out to Rachel directly and she will walk you through how to make the proper changes.

It is important we move slower at the beginning of this process to make sure you understand every step. Rachel is here to help you learn and answer all your questions, so do not hesitate to reach out if you are stuck or unsure of something. NNELS aims for high quality in output, and the work you are doing is directly helping our patrons have better access to audiobooks. You should take pride in the work and feel good you are part of this essential piece of our library.

Getting Started

First, you will need to navigate to the Converter in your web browser.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter the username Your First Name
  3. Select Login

You are now in your profile for Converter plus. On this page, you can choose to either Add a Book or open a current project in the dropdown menu labeled Project.

Renaming and Reordering Tracks

Now that you have your book uploaded you can start making any necessary changes.

You should now be on the project page that displays the file name at the top of the page with the phrase is now open

Below you will find a list of options under What would you like to do?

Batch Mode

On the welcome screen, for your profile page, there is a button located just below your name and the Log Out link. This button is titled Turn on Batch Mode. This button is designed to save you time with downloading and exporting a large number of titles.

When you turn it on there is a beep to tell you it is on. The button will now read Turn off Batch Mode. This indicates it is on.

When you go to upload or export a book in batch mode, Converter Plus will tell you immediately that it is uploaded. This is a bit of a trick, as it is simply setting it up for batch mode.

When you go back to the welcome screen the button will now read Execute # of jobs. Press this button when you are ready to upload or export your titles. You can now close your browser, and when you come back the next day everything should be completed!

You can keep Converter Plus in batch mode as you work through the week and export all your books when you are done at the end of your workweek. If you realize you need to change something in a title, you can still do this before you execute jobs. If you need to make changes to a book after you select execute jobs, you must export the project again.
If you are sideloading your books, batch mode will also import all your books. This means when you come back all your books will be in your profile and ready to work on!

Join and Split Audio: Fixing Files in Converter Plus

The most common issue that comes up with working with audiobook files in Converter Plus is having book sections joined together into a single track, or having one book section split into two tracks.

As apart of your workflow, you will need to listen to the first and last track of every book to ensure you are catching any combined sections.

Below are the directions on how to Join and Split tracks within Converter Plus.

Join Audio

Sometimes you will come across a book section that has been divided into two tracks. For instance, one track will start with Chapter 1 and then the following track will just be narration with no heading being read. In this case, you can use the Join Audio feature on the edit page in the Set Play List section of Converter Plus.

To join two tracks:

  • Use the Play Order function to locate the first track that needs to be joined to the proceeding track.
  • Select Edit
  • This will take you to the page where you can edit the track.
  • Below the regular edit pane, where you can change the name and rank of the track, there is a section titled Join Audio. This is the second heading on the page.
  • There will be text asking you if this track continues into the next track. If this is correct select the Join button.

Now when you go back to the Play Order section you will see that the two tracks are now joined into a single track. You can proceed in renaming the tracks.

Split Audio

The most common issue with audiobooks is having the first and last tracks contain more than one book section. As part of your workflow, you will be required to listen to the first and last track and split the tracks as needed.

Some common book sections that can be combined in the first audio track are:

  • Title Page
  • Epigraph (This is the section of quotations found at the beginning of some books.)
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgments
  • Prologue
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1

See the Audiobook Glossary for more info about book sections.

A quick way to notice this is if the first track is the title page, and then the second track is Chapter 2. Another tip is to look at the total duration of the first track. Title Pages are only several seconds long, if it is more than this chances are it has more than one book section combined into the single track.

The end track usually will only have the Sign Off section joined to the last chapter. Most audiobooks have a Sign Off section, and if it is joined you will need to split it.

If you are ever unsure about the name of a book section you are trying to split, please ask!

To split a track:

  • Identify and select the track you wish to split in the Play Order section of Converter Plus
  • Select Edit
  • This will take you to the page where you can edit the track.
  • Below the regular edit pane, where you can change the name and rank of the track, there is a section titled Split Audio. This is the third heading on the page.
  • There will be text asking you if this track contains 2 sections, press scan to separate it.
  • Press the Scan button.
  • This will take you to a new page that tells you it has scanned the track and found the longest pause of silence. It will suggest you split the track at this pause.
  • There is a player on this page that is set automatically to that place in the track. It will ask you if you wish to hit play to check the selection. Select Play to listen.
  • If the player starts at the name of the track you wish to split (e.g. Chapter 1) then type the name of the track into the textbox for Title and hit Split.
  • Now you will have an additional track in the Play Order section that is titled Chapter 1.
  • Repeat until you have split all the sections as needed.
If the Title Page track is still a few minutes long, then it will have more sections in it that need to be split. You will have to repeat the above steps until you have split all the sections into their own tracks.

Sometimes the scan will not select the correct location. One common reason is there is music on the track.

If you have scanned the track and pressed play and it is not at the correct location you will have to use the slider control in the player to locate the correct location to split the track. Once you locate the correct place to split the track, press Update. Then, type in the name of that section in the Title textbox and hit Split.

Be very careful about using the slider, and make sure you are splitting the track at the correct location. This is something you want to take your time on and double or triple check before you split the track. If in doubt, ask for help!

Quality Assurance Check Workflow

Each title needs to go through a quality assurance check before it can be downloaded and published.

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