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Exporting Book and Passing to QA

You are now ready to export your book!

Make sure that you have gone through all the steps above carefully, and you have double-checked your work before you export. It is very important that we are naming the sections correctly, and this is the time to just take a moment to go over your work before exporting. See QA Checklist help you ensure you finished all the steps

After you select Export the Project you will be on the export page. Here you will see some information about the file including:

  • Size
  • Runtime
  • Encoding

If the file is large, you will be presented with a button Compress to Standard Talking Book Quality or Compress to Production Quality. You only need the Production Quality if there are special effects in the audiobook. Most audiobooks need only the Standard Talking Book Quality. If you can't remember, then just go back to the book and listen to it. Is there music? If there is then choose Production Quality. If in doubt, ask.

If something seems off in the information on this page, stop what you are doing and do not Export it. You will need to Hand to Rachel for her to look at the file. An example of something wrong includes a very short run time. If everything looks good then continue to export.

Select Export to create an accessible edition of your book!

Once it is exported, you can go back to the main project page and pass the book to Quality Assurance.

To pass to QA:

  • Select option Send to QA on project page. This will be below the option to Download the Accessible Edition
  • Once you select this option you will be taken to a page that reads Title has been moved to QA.
  • You can select Return Home to go back to the project page and continue working
After you send a title to QA it will be removed from your project list. Do not reupload the book. This will cause an error in Converter Plus. If you remember you forgot to do something for the title, just email Rachel. The title will be passed back to you if there needs to be any fixes. If the title passes QA it will not be passed back to you and you can continue working on other titles.

You can also use Batch Mode to import and export multiple projects. Please see Batch Mode for more information

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