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Return Title

This feature is under construction.

As you go through the QA check, make sure to note what needs to be fixed. You will need to send this information to the tester when you hand back the title.

To return the title simply select the Return to Name

This will take you to a new page with a text box where you will enter any feedback. Please make sure to clearly list everything that needs to be fixed. Once you are satisfied with what you wrote select submit and this message will be sent to the tester. This message is also sent to Rachel so she can keep track of all feedback.

As you add feedback Converter Plus will save this as an option to send to other testers. This is handy if you have to give the same feedback repeatively. You may find this happens with books that are more complex, or there are new sections to books that are mislabelled. If you are ever unsure of a section for a book, Hand to Rachel.

After you hit submit you will get the following message: Thanks for your feedback. The following report has been sent to Name.

You can select Return home to go back to the welcome page.

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