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Set Play Order

This begins the customization phase of your audiobook.

DAISY books expose track names to the end-user, so we need to make sure that each one of these tracks has a sensible name.

On this page, there are four main sections to help you rename and reorder tracks as needed. Please do these all in the following order:

  1. Track Names; this is where you can trim track names or use the Track Discovery feature to rename tracks
  2. Play Order; this is where you can check and reorder the tracks in the DAISY book
  3. Levels; this is where you can set up multiple levels for navigation
  4. Final Check; this is the last step you do before you finish your book
Remember when you are working through the tracks to listen to the first and last track to see if they need to be split into smaller sections. If you are unsure if a track needs to be split, or what to name a section, please Hand to Rachel with a note asking for guidance.

Track Names

In this section, you can trim the lead characters of the tracks. In some cases, this is all you have to do to rename the files. For example, if the files are 01_Title Page, 02_Copyright, etc. we would only need to trim the first 3 characters from these track names to make it DAISY compatible.

Please note when renaming tracks they must have logical names that match the book section they represent. For example, the first track that gives the Title can be renamed Title Page. These should also be complete words and phrases with no abbreviations. For example, Chapter 1 is acceptable but Ch 01 is not acceptable. For information about the different sections you can find in an audiobook, please see the Audiobook Glossary
Never begin a number in a track title with a zero. It is okay to use numbers, just write Chapter 1 instead of Chapter 01.

To do this:

  • Set the number in the text box for Number of Leading Characters to the number of characters you wish to trim from the track titles
  • Select trim and all the tracks will be trimmed automatically

In our example, we would set this number to 3 and then all the tracks would be renamed to Title Page, Copyright Page, etc.

If the tracks require renaming, then select Track Discovery and this will take you to a new page where you can cycle through the tracks and rename each track.

Track Discovery

On this page, you can play the first five seconds from each track to give you an idea of what the title of the track should be.

The beginning of the first track should automatically play when you open the page. You can also select the play button in the player at the top of the page to play more than the first five seconds.

Rename the section based on what the narrator reads. For example, if the narrator reads the title you will rename that track to Title Page.

Sometimes a book will have Chapter Numbers and Chapter Titles. In these cases always use both! For example, Chapter One: The Beginning
If you are unsure of the spelling of a section, google the book's table of contents to find the correct spelling. Taking the extra time to get it right will ensure we are making the best books possible. Tips for google searches include a search for the title of the book plus the phrase 'table of contents', or searching for the title of the book plus the name of one or more of the section names you know. When in doubt, ask for assistance.

Once you know the name of the track:

  • Enter the new track name in the Title text box
  • Select Advance to move to the next track
  • Once you have cycled through all the tracks you will be sent back to the Set Play Order project page.
The tracks may be out of order. If they are, follow the instructions in the Play Order section to fix.

Play Order

In this section, there is a dropdown menu in the Track section.

If a Track is out of order:

  • Select the file you wish to move and select the Edit Button
  • Select the order in the dropdown menu for Rank
  • Press Save

This is also the section where you can join or split a track. Please see Join and Split Audio: Fixing Files in Converter Plus for more information.


Some audiobooks have multiple levels of navigation, and we can set these levels with Converter Plus. A common example is a book that has multiple parts with chapters divided within these parts.

For example:

  • Part One: The Beginning
    • Chapter 1
    • Chapter 2
  • Part Two: The Next Part
    • Chapter 3
    • Chapter 4
In Converter Plus Levels are represented as Book One~~Chapter 1 or Book Two~~Chapter 2. It is very important we do not remove these double tilde punctuation marks as they connote the levels for the conversion
If you have a book imported with assigned levels already intact, you will still have to go through this process to make sure each level and track adheres to the correct naming convention for conversion.

First, you will need to identify the names of the parts through the main project page.

  • In the Play Order section select the track at the beginning of the part and hit play.
  • This should give you the name of the Part. Note: if the playback is cut off too soon, simply press play in the player at the top of the page to hear more of the track
  • Write down the part name so you can enter it later into the levels section
Sometimes the names of the parts or chapters can be hard to make out. If you have a book that is like this please use the Hand to Rachel option. See full directions further down.

Once you have the names of each section you can rename the levels Go to the levels

  • On this page, you will see all the tracks in order with text boxes beside them.
  • If a track is a top-level track simply leave the text box empty. For example, Title Page is a top-level track so we leave that level empty.
  • If a track belongs to a section enter the name of that section into the text box beside the track name. For example, for track Chapter 1 enter Book One into the text box.
  • Tab out of the box, and you will notice all the text boxes below get populated with this section title
  • You will then need to go down to the track in the list that starts the next section and enter the name of that section into the text box beside the track name. For example, for the next instance of Chapter 1 you can enter Book Two. Below is an image showing where the next section begins. Note, that the section name populated all the following text boxes, but we can see that there is a second Chapter 1 that tells us this is where the second section starts
  • Tab out of the box and continue down the list until you are done.
  • Remember if there are any tracks at the end that require to be top-level, then simply erase any text in the text box and it will be assigned top-level automatically.
  • Once you are satisfied you have named all the levels correctly hit submit

Now that you have all your levels properly titled you can go back to the Play Order and rename the chapter titles. For example, if the track reads Book One~~Ch 01 you will need to rename that in the Play Order section to Book One~~Chapter 1

To rename Chapter titles after you assigned levels:

  • Go to the Play Order section on the main page for the book
  • Select the track you wish to edit from the drop-down menu
  • Select edit
  • This will take you to the page where you can edit the name of the chapter
  • Edit the track as needed, for example, if it reads Book One~~Ch 01 just edit the Ch 01 to Chapter One and leave the rest untouched.
  • Select Save

This will take you back to the main page with Play Order. You can now go through each track and rename it as needed. Of course, if you need to rename all the tracks, you can use the Track Discovery feature in much the same way.

Final Check: Metadata

Once you are done forming the DAISY book you can move on to the final check. First, select Continue which will take you to the metadata page.

  • Title: delete what is in this field and enter the correct title as it appears on the record page for the book. Note, this text box will always populate with a file name that begins with your name. Always remove your name and the underscore between the words in the title. Make sure it is just the title of the book.
  • Author: Firstname Lastname (can be found of records page for title)
  • Publisher: BC Libraries Cooperative
  • Copyright Date: Date of original work
  • Narrator: Firstname Lastname (can be found on records page for title)
  • Language: keep as en unless otherwise needed
  • Select save

This will take you back to the main project page. There will be a note stating It has not yet been exported.

If you are happy with the file and it is ready to export select Export the Project.

Please go through your book carefully before you export it. Ensure you have gone through all of the steps. You can also reference the QA Checklist to help you ensure you have done everything before exporting.

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