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Tracking Used and Unused Hours

We encourage you to use all your hours within your contract, and we understand that you may not be able to divide your hours equally over each week. It is important to keep track of all your used and unused hours. If you go through a period of time were you can not use all your hours, for example near the end of a school semester, then you can use those unused hours at a later date before your contract is over. We will be reaching out to you in March to evaluate your hours.

This is separate from the invoices you send in for payment. You do not send this spreadsheet with your invoices. We will ask for this spreadsheet at the end of your contract.
If you find yourself in a special circumstance where you can not use all your hours within your contract, please contact the Production Coordinator.

We have created a simple spreadsheet that will track both your used and unused hours for your contract.

Tracking Spreadsheet

The Production Coordinator will email you a blank spreadsheet where you can enter in your hours for each pay cycle.

There are a few automated fields.

Do not change these fields. They are designed to automate your totals of Used and Unused Hours and Pay.

  • Below the name field there are four cells that will reflect the total used and unused data for your hours and pay. The used data will be in bold black text and the unused data will be in red.

  • Target $ shows the total payment for your full contract
  • Target Hours shows the total hours for your contract
  • Average per week shows your average target per week

How to fill in the Spreadsheet

There are two pay cycles per month: the 15 and the 30/31. You will be in charge of filling in the following fields each pay cycle:

  • Pay Cycle enter the date of that cycle (e.g. May 15)
  • # Hours Worked enter the total hours worked for that pay cycle.

When you enter your hours the Total Pay field will automatically update along with the data fields for your used and unused hours and pay.


In the PA Name field enter your full name and save the file as NNELS_Production_Assistant_Tracking_YourLastName

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