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Sometimes Word will freeze, or slow down, because the file size it too large. If this happens there are a couple of ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Clear Formatting

First try clearing all formatting from the document.

  • Copying and pasting the document's text into Notepad (or TextEdit on Mac - make sure you select Make plain text under Format before you paste it). Then copy and paste the text back into Word.
  • Select all text in Word and then click Clear Formatting.

Both techniques will clear all formatting from the document. You can then start to apply each layer of formatting step-by-step.

Image Heavy Text

When it comes to images, alt text shouldn't affect anything, but it's possible the images are really big.

You can try deleting all images, re-saving them in .jpeg format from the original, and re-inserting into Word (Insert>Picture).

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