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Publish single files on NNELS

Once the files are on the server, we can link the files to their records in Drupal.

  1. Find the book's record in Drupal by searching for it in the view called Repo Items - Contributors List. If you cannot find an existing record for the book, please send a note via RT to the Content Coordinator who will upload a record to Drupal.
  2. Click on the Title link. This will take you to the main page for this title.
  3. Under Available Formats, click on Add a File Entry. This is where we attach a file and input the file-specific metadata. A book will usually have multiple associated files, i.e. MP3, DAISY 2.02, DAISY 3, etc. We will attach each file one at a time using the below process.
    1. Date Created: enter the current year (it should appear by default) for files NNELS creates
    2. Availability/Status: leave as Produced (available)
    3. S3 Path: copy the file's S3 URL from Cyberduck and paste it here. It's very important that you copy the S3 URL and not any other URL (like HTTPS, HTTP, etc.). To copy the S3 URL in Cyberduck, right-click on the file, select Copy URL, and then select S3 URL.
    4. File Format: This should be self-evident by looking at the file extension or the filename. If you're not sure, please ask the Content Coordinator!
    5. Name of Publisher: enter BC Libraries Cooperative (please enter exactly as so!). All files that NNELS creates should state this as the publisher.
    6. Place of Publication: enter Vancouver, BC (exactly as shown)
    7. Narrator: this will be Apple Alex (synthetic) for DAISY 2.02, DAISY 3, and EPUB 3 with media overlays files. If you've used a different text-to-speech voice, enter the name of that voice instead. All synthetic voices should be followed by (synthetic) in brackets.
    8. Running Time: enter the running time in HHMMSS format. This time will be same for DAISY and EPUB files generated from the same document. You can find this time by:
      1. Locate the ncc.html file in the DAISY 2.02 folder or locate the .opf file in the DAISY 3 folder. You should see the total time in the metadata section at the top of the file. If you're having difficulty locating it, just ask the Content Coordinator.
    9. All other fields: leave as is
  4. Click Save when the above fields have been updated.
  5. Repeat the above process for each file format that has been uploaded to the server.
  6. Once all files have been uploaded to the book's record, we can publish the record! Ensure you're on the book's main page. Click the Publish item button at the top of this page. The book is now available for readers to download!
  7. After publishing the book, pass the RT Ticket back to the Content Coordinator.

Please note the following:

  1. For Microsoft Word files:
    1. File Format: set to e-text
    2. There will be no Narrator and no Running Time.
  2. For DAISY & EPUB 3 files:
    1. File Format: for files produced by NNELS, you will set this to one of:
      1. DAISY 2.02 - Full Text and Audio
      2. DAISY 3 - Full Text and Audio
      3. EPUB 3
  3. For publisher source files:
    1. Availability/Status: ensure it is set to suppressed (we don't want these source files to be publicly available)
    2. File Format: This will usually be PDF, EPUB 2 or EPUB 3. To find out if it's EPUB 2 or EPUB 3, you will need to "crack open" the EPUB and open the content.opf file which contains the book's metadata. One way (there are many) to do this is to:
      1. Download Calibre and the De-DRM plugin
      2. Open the EPUB in Calibre by right-clicking on the EPUB file, selecting Open with and choosing Calibre
      3. The book will be imported into Calibre (DRM will be removed, allowing you to open the book)
      4. Right click on the book in Calibre, and select Open containing folder
      5. A new window will open that includes the EPUB file along with a metadata.opf file. Open this opf file. You can open it in any text editor.
      6. At the top of this file you will see a package tag, similar to this: <package xmlns="" unique-identifier="uuid_id" version="2.0">
      7. The value inside the version attribute tells you whether it is EPUB 2 (version="2.0") or EPUB 3 (version="3.0")
    3. Date Created: make sure this is empty (you will have to delete the current year which appears by default)
    4. Name of Publisher: leave this empty
    5. Place of Publication: leave this empty

Updating a single file uploaded to S3

If you ever rename a file in S3 (Cyberduck), you also need to update the link in NNELS as well. If you have already added the file as an attachment, follow these instructions to upload the link:

  1. Edit the appropriate attachment
  2. Under S3 File Upload, Remove the existing link
  3. Paste the new link under S3 Path
  4. Save and Update as usual

Publishing Audible Files

The Content Coordinator will upload all finished DAISY Audio files to the "Audible" folder on pre-prod (under "Edited"). A few things just need to be done with these files:

  1. move the file to the requestor's library folder on the production server
  2. ensure the following metadata is set in the drupal record for the file attachment:
    • partner share = not permitted
    • file format = DAISY 2.02 Audio
    • name & location of publisher = BC Libraries Cooperative; Vancouver, BC
    • Narrator = You can find the narrator's name when you search for the book on the Audible's website or in the DAISY book itself in the ncc.html file's metadata section
    • add the running time (this will be in the RT ticket so you don't have to download & unzip the book)
    • In the Notes section, under the File Upload Details field, enter Converted from Audible
  3. Once it's published on the site, you can let the requestor know it's ready
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