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Update the File Date in bulk

Once a batch of publisher files has been uploaded and linked in Drupal, you'll need to ensure that the correct publication date is associated with each of the files.

When dealing with publisher files, you'll need to copy the publication date that is in the main record or "node" to the publication date associated with the specific file or "field collection" (i.e. the file resource).

You can update the publication dates for files in bulk.

  1. In the NNELS Admin drop-down menu, go to File Attachments: Date Created Values - Null Dates (under Promoted Items)
  2. Each of the listed files should have a date in the Date (node) field. This is the publication date of the book, which you'll need to copy over to the Date Created (File) field.
  3. You'll notice that the publication date may be qualified with copyrighted, issued, or nothing at all. Each of these date types will need to be copied over separately. Let's start by copying over the issued dates, which is the most common date type.
  4. Select all the titles that have an issued date in the Date (node) field
  5. Click on Copy Dublin Core Date from Node to Field Collection
  6. Select issued as the date qualifier to copy over
  7. Click Next
  8. Once the operation is complete, you should see that the Date Created (File) field now contains the issued date
  9. Repeat this process for the different types of date qualifiers. For example, select all the files that have a copyright date in the Date (node) and copy over the copyrighted date qualifier to the files. For those files that don't state the date type, select the No Dublin Core Qualifier option when copying the date to the files.
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