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Update the File Publisher in bulk

Once a batch of publisher files has been uploaded and linked in Drupal, you'll need to ensure that the correct publisher is associated with each of the files.

When dealing with publisher files, you'll need to copy the original publisher (the Publisher (Source) field in the main record (aka the node)) to the Name of Publisher field in the file's record (aka field collection).

You can update the publisher for files in bulk.

  1. In the NNELS Admin drop-down menu, go to File Attachments: update Publishers (under Promoted Items). You'll be presented with files that don't have a publisher associated with it.
  2. Select all the files. If the number of files exceeds 1 page, click on Select all [number of] rows in this view.
  3. Click on Copy Node's Publisher to File Resource
  4. Select the qualifier Publisher Source (Node)
  5. Click Next
  6. Once the operation is complete, you can double check that the publisher was copied over correctly by searching for the file (i.e. by title, record set). Ensure that the Publisher (file) search parameter is set to is not empty (NOT NULL).
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