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Uploading a MARC XML record set

  1. Login to the NNELS website
  2. Go to the top menu bar and click on Content > Add Content > MARC Record Set
  3. Give the record set a name. Include the name of the publisher or supplier, and the current month and year. For example: New Star Books Dec 2017
  4. Under Access Restrictions, check Requires login
  5. For File Format, select either EPUB 2 or EPUB 3 - whichever format the majority of the files in the record set are in (we can update the file format later)
  6. For Record Count, enter the # of records/books that are in the MARC XML record set
    • A quick way to know how many records are in the file is to open the file in MarcEdit and then click on Reports and then Field Count. If there are 20 occurrences of the the 245 (title) field, for example, then we know there are 20 records in the set.
  7. Under MARC XML File, upload the MARC XML file (ignore the MARC XML Output File option)
  8. Click Save

Now that we've successfully uploaded the MARC XML record set, we can parse or import all that useful metadata into Drupal. Move on to Parsing a MARC XML record set.

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