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Step 2. Sign Up!

Volunteer Reader Sign-Up

Well, this is exciting! You're here!

To sign up,

  1. Please complete the Reader Profile Form and then wait to hear from us.
  2. Please register for an account at our Discussion Forums. If you're stuck, please ask for help in these forums, and help us build up our public knowledge base. If you feel a bit lost at any point, or want more information than you're getting from these instructions, please make the forums your first stop.

Once you sign up, you can go ahead to the next step and Step 3: Connect to Your Library.

Library Staff Sign-Up

Please complete the Library Sign-Up Form and then wait to hear from us. You can use this form to request a kit if you do not have your own recording equipment.

Once you've completed this form, you can go ahead and start setting up what you need.

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