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Step 3. Connect to Your Library

Previously: 2. Sign Up

Recording kids' books for NNELS happens in partnership with your local public library. Your public library can request an Audio Recording Kit from NNELS on your behalf.

Your job here is to get in touch with your library and pitch the project – what you want to do, and why.

Library staff will likely have questions and you can provide them with this link:

It might be helpful to know what kind of time commitment you're making: try to spend two blocks of two hours at a time at the library once everything is set up. Your first block can be for experimenting and recording your sample. Your second block can be for recording and editing your book.

We'll know a library is ready to participate when they sign up with us.

If you can't convince your library to participate, you can either try again in a few months, or opt to record a book on your own (but you won't be able to borrow one of our kits directly).

If you need more help or information than this, please get in touch.

Whenever you're ready, you can proceed to Step 4: Find Your Book.

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