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Step 4. Find Your Book

Option 1: Suggest a Book

A few things to know before you make your choice:

1. If a book is commercially available as an audiobook, the Copyright Act (see Limitation 2) prevents us from making a new audio copy.

We check every book idea that volunteer readers make, but if you want to do your own preliminary check, you can search the following websites for the title of the book you want to record:

If your book is available as an audiobook on any of these websites, please choose something else to record.

2. Avoid books that rely heavily on images to tell the story. If a book relies just a little bit on illustrations for context, be prepared to record image descriptions to convey the information that is in those contextual illustrations.

Option 2: Choose from Our List

We have a list of requests and recommendations.

If something on the list sounds interesting, please borrow it from your library and read it through to make sure it's a story you can read.

Option 3: Let us Assign a Book to You

To be honest, we will likely chose something from our list of requests and recommendations, so if you review that list there will not be any surprises.

Next Steps

When you're ready, and if you didn't tell us what you wanted to read when you signed up, please email with your decision or book choice. Operators are standing by.

Next up: Step 5: Plan and Practise

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