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Step 8. Record and Edit Your Book

Previously: Record Your Sample

When you've heard back from the NNELS team that your sample was fine, it's time to record your book.

What to Bring to Recording Day

Bring water and stay hydrated. Avoid sweet drinks or coffee while recording, and do not eat anything for an hour before you begin.

Make sure you have:

  1. your book;
  2. your Book Recording Plan;
  3. an extra USB stick, if you have one, so you can save a back-up copy of your work to take home;
  4. access to an Audio Recording Kit at the library, including headphones and a USB key for saving your work.


  1. Launch Audacity.
  2. Save your Audacity Project onto the USB key as: YourLastname_book_title_YYYYMMDD
  3. Before you start recording, review what to do in case of mistakes.
  4. Record! Follow your book recording plan.

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