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Step 9. Export and Upload Your Book

Previously: 8. Record and Edit Your Book

Wow, you're almost done! The hard part is definitely over.

Export Your Track

But first, listen to the whole recording carefully and all the way through in Audacity. It's easiest to fix problems now.

When you're ready, export your recording as an MP3 file.

Check Your Work

Once again, listen to your MP3 track carefully from beginning to end over the headphones. This time, use the computer's built-in audio player to make sure everything sounds good and that you didn't miss something important – no long pauses or unedited mistakes.

Check that the track's volume is similar to other audio recordings. If you need a sample to compare, you can download (right-click, "save audio as") and play this short clip.

If your recording too quiet, please try amplifying it (see "Amplify in this section).

When it sounds good, you're ready to upload your track!

Upload Your Book

Upload your book to our Finished Projects Sync account (password: done) and follow the instructions from before.

Notify NNELS

When your upload is complete, please email and say that your book is ready for checking.

Please save all your final work – including the edited Audacity project as well as the MP3 file – to the USB key included with the kit. Don't delete the project from the USB key until the book has been uploaded to the NNELS website, just in case we need to fix something.

Put the kit back together and hand it in to the library staff to return to NNELS, unless you're ready to record another book! :)

Good job!

What to Expect Next

NNELS staff will check over your book, upload it to the NNELS website, and then let you know when it's published.

Thank you SO much!

We can't wait to listen to your recording. :)

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