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Welcome to Sitka's Testing Server

Welcome future SITKA site! You've been invited here into our playground server to test out your data.

The data on this server is a copy of our production system, but it is only a copy, so feel free to muck around with the system as much as you like. You are welcome to edit patrons, register new patrons, add fines, circulate items, catalogue new items, or do whatever you like. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Testing guidelines

The goal of testing is to make sure data from your current ILS is correctly presented in Evergreen. The exercises below provide more info about what to look for when testing and a few sample exercises to get you started:


You will receive training, or you may have already received Evergreen training, but you may also wish to consult our documentation here:

This server doesn't get as much attention as our production servers so there are occasionally glitches, if you have any problems, please report it to your migration co-ordinator. And have fun!

– Sitka Team

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