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 +===== Editing MARC in Evergreen Staff Client =====
 +  * To get to the MARC Edit interface, please see [[http://​​sitka/​edit-marc.html#​_editing_marc_records|Editing MARC Records]] in Sitka'​s Evergreen Documentation.
 +  * For a primer on the fixed field and editing it please see the next section, [[http://​​sitka/​_editing_marc_record_leader_and_fixed_field_008.html|MARC Record Leader and MARC fixed field 008]].
 +===== Fixed Field Example =====
 +[[https://​​opac/​extras/​unapi?​id=tag:​,​2014-09-23:​biblio-record_entry/​109631338/​BFN&​format=opac|The Giver quartet by Lois Lowry]] - barcode 35246000832277 at Fort Nelson.
 +  * Will be retrieved by the Teen Fiction criteria because it has values for Type: a, Form: r, Audn: d and LitF 1. 
 +  * This record'​s Date Active timestamp falls on 2014-09-11 12:10 PM which will place it in October'​s Teen Fiction list (see below).
 +===== Booklist Builder Criteria =====
 +  * LibPress booklists rely on two groups of metadata to be populated: fixed field values in the 008 that feed into Evergreen'​s search filters as well as the date a bib record became active (changed status to Available) in a particular catalogue.
 +  * Often times one or more fixed field values will be incorrect or not filed (namely Audn) and will return no recent records, leading to empty lists.
 +<note warning>​Currently a bug is preventing ''​space''​ values for Form from being indexed in EG, these should be catalogued with r (print production) to ensure they are added to lists properly</​note>​
 +==== Fixed Field (008) Values ====
 +^Book List ^Item Type (Type) ^Audience (Audn)^Item Form (Form) ^Literary Form (LitF)^
 +|Adult Fiction |a, t|e, g|r, ''​space''​ or no code*|1, f, j|
 +|Adult Non-fiction|a,​ t|e, g|r, ''​space''​ or no code*|0, e, i, s|
 +|Adult Large Print|a, t|e, g|d|-|
 +|Adult DVD|g|e, g|-|-|
 +|Adult Music|j|e, g|-|-|
 +|Teen Fiction|a, t|d|r, ''​space''​ or no code*|1, f, j|
 +|Teen Non-fiction|a,​ t|d|r, ''​space''​ or no code*|0, e, i, s|
 +|Juvenile Fiction|a, t|j, b, c, a|r, ''​space''​ or no code*|1, f, j|
 +|Juvenile Non-fiction|a,​ t|j, b, c, a|r, ''​space''​ or no code*|0, e, i, s|
 +|Juvenile DVD/CD|g, j|j, b, c, a|-|-|
 +*No code is represented as a bar character: ''​|''​
 +==== Date Active ====
 +Date Active is viewable from the Item Status -> Show Item Details context menu
 +  * Date Active must occur within the last month to be included in the current month'​s lists.
 +  * For example, items with a Date Active timestamp that falls in August will appear in the New Items list for September.
 +  * Date Active is set when the Status of a record changes to Available for the first time.
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