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Data cabling systems for customer premises are guided by ANSI/TIA standards to create very structured systems that support many possible uses and media.

Most Ethernet networks are built to support 100Mbps or Gigabit speed Ethernet switches. The cables your contractor uses will be printed with one of the following ANSI/TIA standards for Gigabit Ethernet - Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat6e. If you are using Power over Ethernet to provide power to your Wireless Access Points for WiFi coverage, then the standard used should be Cat6a or Cat6e, as these are designed for that task. You will find the level of cable used in your networks printed every few inches along the cable.

The maximum length run of cable from your central wiring closet/ modem location needs not exceed 80 metres to stay within the standards tolerances and to provide a solid network foundation.

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