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Routers are network devices that forward data packets from one network to another, e.g. from the larger internet to your local area network. As such, routers provide a critical perimeter to your network and also facilitate segmenting the network into separate virtual networks.

Newer small business routers are quick to install and easy to use and maintain, reducing the need to have a dedicated IT team or administrator. Functions of these routers usually include options for a portal for the router management, security support, remote access to the router, sometimes providing business-grade VPN (virtual private network), while sometimes also having limiting options for high speed, value or Quality of Service considerations that can help you fine tune your overall router performance. Below are a number of viable router contenders for libraries - often-times very small libraries may be able to function with the router that comes as part of the ISP modem package, however a separate router will likely offer more options.

  • SonicWall : Originally a firewall but also fulfills many technical functions
  • Cisco ASA : Originally a router company, Cisco provides comprehensive solutions
  • Sophos XG : Originally an anti-virus company, the Sophos appliance is a comprehensive hub for some networks
  • Fortigate : Originally Fortinet sold firewalls but also fulfills many functions

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