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Handling BISAC headings in records

This task is to move BISAC subject headings in record sets to a NNELS local field, 946$a, for subsequent genre mapping in Drupal.

  1. Download the task file for MarcEdit (right click the link and select "Save link as" to download)
  2. Download the latest MarcEdit (if you don't have it already)
  3. Open MarcEdit
  4. Go to MarcEditor
  5. Go to Tools > Manage Tasks to open Task Manager
  6. Click the dropdown menu of Manage Existing Tasks
  7. Choose Import Selected Tasks
  8. Navigate to the task file you downloaded earlier and import it
  9. Open the record set you are working with in MarcEditor
  10. Go to Tools > Current Tasks and choose the task you just imported: move_bisacsh_to_946.txt
  11. You should get a result screen with information on how many records have been processed
  12. You can also double check the changes in your records, making sure that BISAC headings have been moved successfully to the newly created field 946$a
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