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Create MARC records

We will be using WorldShare to create original MARC records. Consult OCLC's instructions to Create WorldCat bibliographic records

  1. Go to OCLC WorldShare and log in (get login information from the Content Coordinator)
  2. Click Metadata
  3. Click Record Manager
  4. You may like to double check that the record you want to create isn't on WorldCat already, use the Search function
  5. Click Create Record and in the pop-up window choose the correct Material Type Template
  6. Click the arrows to expand LDR and 008 to select the corresponding options for your item
  7. Fill in at least the following fields: 020 (if available), 100, 245, 260, 520, 650, and 655
    1. NNELS uses FAST and BISAC for 650; searchFAST is a helpful resource for getting FAST headings and their Record IDs
    2. For 655, consult NNELS Genre Taxonomy
    3. Updating MARC record sets using MarcEdit is a good place to start if you are not familiar with NNELS regular cataloguing
  8. When you are done filling in the fields, click Record and Validate; clear all the errors that may be present
  9. Once the record is validated, click Save and choose Add Record to WorldCat
  10. To download the record you just created, the easiest is to use MarcEdit
    1. Open MarcEdit
    2. Go to Z39.50/SRU Client and search for your record
    3. Consult how to conduct Individual Search if you are not familiar with the process
    4. Download your record
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