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These instructions are no longer relevant. MarcEdit is used for cataloguing.

NNELS Evergreen

  1. Download Evergreen client (As of fall 2016, 2017, and 2018, you need to have the 2.10.1 staff client of Evergreen installed.)
  2. Go through install and uncheck "Automatically Upgrade" option
  3. Start up client
  4. use hostname: and click "Test Server"
    1. If you encounter an error when you test the server the first time you try to log in, please click on the "Add SSL Exception" box and then click "Agree" to add the exception.
  5. Register your workstation: due to a permissions error, you need to sign in the very first time with a working account belonging to Laura, Robert, or Leah (contact Farrah or Sabina for this info). When you log in, you'll be asked to register your workstation. Go ahead and do that. You will be logged out again immediately.
  6. Log in: now that your workstation is registered, you can log in with your own credentials, or continue using the ones you were given to register (it doesn't really matter).

Do not upgrade your staff client, ever. Only install new client with direction from NNELS staff.


Instructions from Sitka team on using Z39.50 – Please note these instructions are for 2.12 (not 2.10, which is what we're using) but they should be accurate enough to work for our purposes. Please do not refer to the instructions in the current Sitka manual (accessible through the Co-o's Sitka Support page) because those will be very different from our aging band beloved 2.10 interface.

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