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 +<note important>​These instructions are no longer relevant. MarcEdit is used for cataloguing.</​note>​
 +====== Export a MARC record set from Evergreen ======
 +Sometimes no one can provide us with metadata. In these cases, we need to seek out the metadata ourselves. We do this using Evergreen, an open source ILS that lets us search external libraries for cataloguing records.
 +Follow the steps below to search for and compile MARC records:
 +  - Login to Evergreen with your username and password
 +    * hostname: ​
 +  - Click on ''​z39.50 Import''​
 +  - Select all the libraries you wish to search (recommended to select all except for OCLC) 
 +  - You can search for records title by title. Search by keywords in the ''​Title''​ field. You can also narrow the search by entering the author'​s name in the ''​Author''​ field.
 +  - Click ''​Search''​ and be patient
 +  - You'll eventually be presented with a list of MARC records from various libraries. Select a record that looks nice and clean and includes a 520 (summary) field. It's best to use a record for the print version of the title as opposed to the ebook version (as ebook records include lots of extraneous and irrelevant metadata). To view a MARC record for an item, highlight a title and click ''​MARC View''​.
 +  - If the record looks decent, then click ''​Import''​
 +  - You'll need to add in key metadata that's missing (i.e. field **520** summary and field **655** NNELS genre terms) by clicking ''​Flat-Text Editor''​ and adding in the missing fields
 +  - Click ''​Import Record''​
 +  - A message will pop up stating ''​Record successfully imported''​. Click ''​OK''​.
 +  - Click on ''​Actions for this Record''​ (near the top right of the screen)
 +  - Select ''​Add to Bucket''​
 +  - You'll need to create a new bucket to which you'll add all of the records. Click on ''​Add to New Bucket''​ and give it a name that makes sense to you (you'​re the only person that can see this bucket in Evergreen).
 +  - Return to the main ''​Z39.50''​ screen and repeat the above process, adding new records to your bucket.
 +  - Once you've added all the records that you need, go to ''​Cataloguing''​ in the top menu bar
 +  - Select ''​Manage Record Buckets''​
 +  - Click on ''​Choose a bucket...''​ and select your bucket. You should see all the records in there.
 +  - In the bottom right hand corner, select ''​Export All Records''​ and choose ''​MARC 21''​
 +  - Give the MARC record set a name and change the extension of the file to .mrc (from .usmarc)
 +  - Click ''​Save''​
 +  - We'll now need to save this file as a MARC XML file. To do this, open the .mrc file in MarcEdit (MarcEdit will ask you to save a copy in the .mrk format in order to open it). 
 +  - Once the record set is open in MarcEdit, go to ''​File''​ > ''​Save As'' ​
 +  - Give the MARC record set a name and change the extension to ''​.xml''​
 +    * Include the publisher/​supplier name, and current month and year
 +    * Do not use spaces in the filename, instead use hyphens or underscores
 +  - Click ''​Save''​
 +To upload this MARC XML record set to Drupal, continue on to [[public:​nnels:​publishing:​upload-marcxml|Uploading a MARC XML record set]].
 +  * [[https://​​u/​ic4o/​evergreen|Video - Finding records in Evergreen]]
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