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DAISY Production

This section is intended for the Production Coordinator. Please note that this workflow is no longer in practice and has been superseded by a Word to EPUB workflow.

This section contains two parts:

Overview: MS Word to DAISY XML to DAISY

After editing and applying styles in MS Word, the next step is to convert that document into a DAISY XML file. This is both an automatic and manual process that uses both the Save-As-DAISY plugin for Word 2011/2013 (Windows only) and some manual editing of the XML file in a text editor.

The Content Coordinator will convert the edited Word document into DAISY XML using the plugin. Due to limitations in mapping Word styles to DAISY styles, the resultant DAISY XML file will require a bit of revision.

Once the XML file is cleaned-up, you can run it through the DAISY Pipeline to produce a full-text, full-audio DAISY book.

Next: How to clean up the DAISY XML file

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