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Image descriptions, captions, and producer's notes

If a book contains images, you'll need to double-check that any image alt text, captions, and/or producer's notes (extended image descriptions) are coded correctly. Image descriptions are usually translated fine, but associated captions and producer's notes may need to be manually fixed up.

For further information on how to code Images, see Images.

Below is an example of an image with a caption, alternative text and an extended description (producer's note). Note that all 3 tags need to be inside the <imggroup> section.

    <img src="images/U16C04/p351-001.png" alt="Jacob van Ruisdael, The Mill at Wijk by Durstede" width="447" height="366"/>
    <prodnote render="optional">A painting by Jacob van Ruisdael entitled The Mill at Wijk by Durstede. The painting is of a riverscape with a ship in the water and a large windmill on shore.</prodnote>
    <caption><strong>11-26 The sky is the focus of the activity while the water remains calm.</strong> Jacob van Ruisdael, <cite>The Mill at Wijk by Durstede,</cite> not dated. 32 1/4" - 40 1/4" (82 - 102 cm). The Rijksmuseum, 


Image alternative descriptions or alt text can't contain any other markup like paragraph breaks, italics, language tags, etc. Captions (<caption>) and producer's notes (<prodnote>), on the other hand, can contain other markup.

Producer's notes in DAISY should have the "begin producer's notes" and "end producer's note" text removed completely as this will be announced when readers hit the prodnote tag.

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