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The book's metadata is at the top of a DAISY XML file inside the <head> tags. This is what a typical NNELS book contains in the metadata section:

     <meta content="AUTO-UID-4612029461140440371" name="dtb:uid"/>
     <meta content="" name="dt:version"/>
     <meta content="Reconsidering C.B. Macpherson: From Possessive Individualism to Democratic Theory and Beyond" name="dc:Title"/>
     <meta content="Phillip Hansen" name="dc:Creator"/>
     <meta content="2018-02-20" name="dc:Date"/>
     <meta content="National Network for Equitable Library Service" name="dc:Publisher"/>
     <meta content="AUTO-UID-4612029461140440371" name="dc:Identifier"/>
     <meta content="en" name="dc:Language"/>

The above is required metadata (title, creator, publisher, date) and should have been translated from the Word document properties.

The one piece of metadata that may need to be fixed is the Language attribute. This is often mistranslated from the Word document. The en tag should always be used to identify the English language, not en-US, en-CA or another regional variation. This is because these languages may not be installed on the user's device.

Delete all occurrences of en-US or en-CA in the XML file. If the primary language of the book is not English, then replace en-US and en-CA with en to identify the English text in the book.

Sometimes other languages, which are not used in the book, are inserted into the metadata. These need to be removed from the <head>. Similarly, any languages which are tagged in the book should be added to the <head> section. Two-letter ISO 639-1 language codes should be used.

For example, if the book contains both English and Spanish languages then the below metadata should be in the <head>:

<meta content="en" name="dc:Language"/>
<meta content="es" name="dc:Language"/>
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