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Longer quotations, set off from the paragraph, are marked up using the <blockquote> tag.

Blockquotes will often have an author (<author>) or source (<cite>) associated with it that needs to be marked up as such. Save-As-DAISY doesn't convert these styles very well from Word (Author(DAISY) and Citation(DAISY)) , so it's important to double-check that the correct tags are used in the correct place in the XML.


Blockquote with an author:

        <p><em>"The hidden harmony is better than the obvious."</em> 
        <author>Pablo Picasso</author>

Note that the <author> tag should be used inside the <blockquote>.

Blockquote with a source:

         <p>“Martin crafts a playful, enticing tale of a modern prodigal son.”</p>
         <p><cite>Publisher's Weekly</cite></p>

Note that the <cite> tag must be placed inside paragraph <p> tags inside the <blockquote>.

Read more about how to markup Block Quotations.

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