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Basic structure

The heading structure (H1-H6) of the book should be seamlessly converted from Word to DAISY XML.

The only structural components that need to be rejigged are the frontmatter, bodymatter, and rearmatter sections. Each DAISY book is divided into these three overarching sections, which allow users to quickly jump to the start of each. These sections are automatically added by the Save-As-DAISY plugin but need to be relocated so that they surround the "correct" parts of the book. Use your best judgement as to what parts of the book should be inside each section:

  • Frontmatter - everything before the prologue or beginning of the story/main content.
    • The frontmatter will also contain the <doctitle> and <docauthor> elements.
  • Bodymatter - the main content of the book, including chapters, epilogue, etc. If readers want to jump straight to the start of the book, where should they land?
  • Rearmatter - everything after the main content of the book, such as notes, indices, appendices, other books by the author.
    • The Save-As-DAISY plugin automatically generates and inserts the rearmatter section at the end of the DAISY XML file. It usually contains no content. In this case, delete the code inside the <rearmatter> tags and then move the </bodymatter> and <rearmatter> tags to the appropriate place in the text (i.e. the beginning of the rearmatter).

Read the official definitions and view examples of each on the Index of Elements page.

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