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You will need to check the structure of all the tables. Each table with open with a <table> tag. Most tables will then have a <caption> tag located after the opening tag.

Within the table there will be two main sections:

  1. <thead> section, where the info for the table header row is found.
  2. <tbody> section, where the rows containing all the table data are found.

Each new row of a table should be within a <tr> tag. The Header Row will have a <th> tag for each item. The Body Rows will have a <td> tag for each item.

The <th> and <td> tags tend to be the most problematic. If this is the case use the Find and Replace feature in your editor to speed up your work.

All tables should follow a similar structure as shown below.

     <caption>Title of Table</caption>

For more information visit the DAISY 3 Structure Guidelines for Tables.

Any note references that are within tables do not have their corresponding notes converted. This seems to be a bug with the Word>XML plugin. You'll have to manually add any missing endnotes to the end of the file. See Endnotes
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