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Generate the full DAISY books

After the DAISY XML file has been reviewed, we run it through the DAISY Pipeline to output full-text, full-audio (synthetic) DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3 books.

  1. Open DAISY Pipeline
  2. Go to File>New>Pipeline Job
  3. Under Create and distribute>DAISY book select the TTS Narrator (DAISY XML to DAISY Book) script
  4. Click Next
  5. For Input DTBook file, select the DAISY XML file
  6. For Output directory, select a folder to store the DAISY output files
  7. Leave the optional parameters defaults as is
    1. check Apply sentence detection and Multi-language support
    2. MP3 Bitrate is 32kbit/s
    3. 2.02 href target is text
  8. Click Finish
  9. Select the job in the Jobs pane and hit the green Run the selected jobs button
  10. You can see the conversion proceed through each of the steps in the Progress pane. Hopefully everything will proceed smoothly, error-free, and you'll eventually end up with a final message that states "No errors or warnings reported. Congratulations!"
  11. Once complete, you'll see 2 new folders in your output folder - daisy202 and z3986 (DAISY 3).

If the tool doesn't like something in the code, the process will usually completely stop before the SpeechGen2 phase. At times, the process freezes during the SpeechGen2 phase (often because there are too many other applications open on your computer). You may need to do a bit of detective work to figure out what it doesn't like in the XML - the error messages can be quite unhelpful. However don't spend too much time problem-solving - email the Content Coordinator the XML file and error message, we've very likely come across the issue before!


  1. Generating the DAISY books can take a long time depending on the length of the book (as in hours). It's often wise to check on it every once in a while to make sure the process hasn't frozen. If it freezes you'll need to fix the XML file and re-run the job.
  2. If the process stops or freezes then you'll need to fix the XML file and re-run the job. Before you re-run the job, be sure to delete the temporary folder that was generated during the prior job. Not doing so will result in more errors next time around!
  3. It's usually best to exit the DAISY Pipeline application and re-open it before attempting to re-run the job…
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