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Upload the files to server

Once all of the files (DOCX, EPUB 3, DAISY 2.02 and DAISY 3) have been renamed, you can upload them directly to the server (nnels-data-prod). Upload the original publisher file (PDF or EPUB) to the same folder as the completed files. Also be sure to upload your edited DAISY XML final to nnels-data-preprod/Edited/DAISY XML Archive.

Upload the completed files into nnels-data-prod/CA/. The folders are organized by country, province, and then library code. The files should be uploaded into the folder of the requesting library. You can identify the requesting library by viewing the original request in the RT ticket (go to the History tab, scroll to the bottom to locate the original request and check the Organization field).

Titles produced for awards and reading programs (and not requested by a reader) should be uploaded to the …/CA/NNELS folder.

You can find library codes here: LAC Directory.

For example, if a Saskatoon Public Library user requested the title, you can lookup the library code in the LAC Directory - it's SS. You can find the SS folder in dragondisk under CA/SK/SS. This is where you would upload all completed files and the source file.

The final step is to Publish the files on NNELS!

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