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Synthetic voices

The DAISY Pipeline software will use the synthetic voices that are installed on your computer to generate the synthetic audio component of the DAISY and EPUB 3 books. Therefore you need to ensure you have the appropriate voices downloaded for languages that are referenced in the DAISY XML file.

NNELS has altered the ttsbuilder.xml file that comes with the Pipeline software so that it references the commonly used voices on the Mac computer. Make sure you replace the default ttsbuilder.xml file with the NNELS one (the Content Coordinator will email you the file). It can be placed inside the below folder on your Mac:


Once you have replaced the ttsbuilder.xml file on your computer, ensure that you have the below voices downloaded on your Mac. For help downloading voices, see How to install text-to-speech voices on Mac.

The corresponding language codes below can be used to reference a specific language or voice (male/female) in the DAISY XML file.

  • English en
    • Female: Samantha, Jill, Victoria en-UF (North American English Female)
    • Male: Alex, Fred (Default English)
  • Spanish es
    • Female: Monica
    • Male: Jorge (Default Spanish)
  • French fr
    • Female: Audrey fr-FF
    • Male: Thomas, Sebastien (Default French)
  • Canadian French fr-CA
    • Male: Nicolas (Default Canadian French)
    • Female: Amelie fr-CF
  • German de
    • Female: Anna de_F
    • Male: Yannick, Markus (Default German)
  • Hebrew he
    • Female: Carmit (Default Hebrew)
  • Greek el_GR
    • Female: Melina
    • Male: Nikos (Default Greek)
  • Italian it
    • Female: Federica it_F
    • Male: Luca (Default Italian)

If there are other languages in the text, contact the Content Coordinator for help setting them up.

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