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Zip up the DAISY folders

The DAISY books need to be zipped up before we can upload them to the NNELS site. If you're on Windows then zipping a folder is straightforward; if you're on MacOS then you'll need to zip up the folders in a way that removes those pesky Mac-specific files that are generated when using the built-in Compress.

One way to ensure that the Mac files are not included in the DAISY book is to use a third-party software to zip up the folders. Yemuzip is one such free application that will zip up folders on a Mac without including the Mac files.

  1. Open Yemuzip
  2. Drag n' drop the DAISY folders inside it
  3. Select Type:PC

Keka is another such application and can zip multiple folders at once.

  1. Open Keka
  2. Go to Preferences and select Compression
  3. Change the default to ZIP files
  4. Check Exclude Mac resource forks
  5. Check Archive as single files (allows you to zip multiple folders simultaneously)
  6. Drag n' drop the folders that you want to zip into the application window

The next step is to upload the files to the server!

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