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EPUB Production

NNELS produces accessible ebooks in EPUB format as the default format for readers [1].

EPUB is an open standard based on the language of the web (HTML) and can be read by all software applications and devices [2]. EPUB is great for reading publications on laptops, tablets and smartphones, and it includes accessibility features like rich navigation and image descriptions. The EPUBs that NNELS creates can be used in EPUB reading apps on any platform, with the ability to personalize visual features such as colors, font, text size and layout. Reading apps have useful features such as read aloud, comments and bookmarks. EPUB is a mainstream ebook format and is capable of being fully accessible if produced with just a little care (just like websites!).

The Process: Word to EPUB

Below is the current process that NNELS follows to create accessible EPUB files. This process does not require knowledge of HTML or CSS.

[1] Exceptions may include decades-old reading devices such as the Victor Reader Classic, which are still lent out by some Canadian public libraries.

[2] Further education needs to provided to both readers and librarians about this format and its benefits. It is not as well known as PDF, DAISY, or Word. We are now in an age where specialized digital formats for readers with print impairments are no longer necessary.

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