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Author & Citation Style

Things like epigraphs, block quotations, and book reviews will often be followed by an attribution, either to an author or some other source.

The epigraph, block quote, and book review should be formatted using the Quote style in the Word Style Pane, and the attribution should be formatted using the a custom style Citation.

To create a new style:

  • Select New Style… from Styles Pane
  • This opens up a pop up window for the New Style
  • Change name to Citation
  • For Style Based On select Normal
  • Select OK

Style all Author and Citations with this style.

Make sure that the citation and quote style are separate. If the citation/author is on the same line as the quote, separate it by a single paragraph break and then apply the styles. This will ensure there is no doubling of styles and will avoid any issues in conversion to EPUB3. Here is a link to a tutorial showing you how to do this.
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