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 ===== Back Cover ===== ===== Back Cover =====
-(French: Quatrième de Couverture)+[French: ​//Quatrième de Couverture//] 
 +If there is an image for the back cover, delete it. 
 +If it contains book reviews or a book summary, you can create a Heading 1 called **Book Summary** or **Book Reviews**, respectively,​ and include those reviews and summary. For more information about formatting book reviews, refer to [[public:​nnels:​etext:​quotations|Block Quotes]]. 
 +====Q&A Archive==== 
 +**Q: Generation X also has a flap with a summary/​teaser,​ but it says "​continued on back flap" and then continues on the back flap.** My inclination is to include it all together, since this makes more sense for eText and Daisy - is this correct? -Jenn 
 +A: Yes, that makes sense! :The back flap also has a blurb about the author which you can put under a new Heading 1 called "About the Author"​. 
-We usually ignore the contents of this page. If it contains book reviews, you can create a Heading 1 "​Reviews"​ section and include those reviews. ​ 
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