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[French: Bibliographie]

Bibliographies should be marked up using list elements. Unordered lists are appropriate for traditional print bibliographies, as the alphabetization of entries does not infer sequential order (i.e. the bibliography can be reverse sorted without losing meaning).

To faciliate navigating a bibliography, use nested lists to enclose alphabetically- and numerically-related entries.

The use of lists is recommended as it simplifies navigation by users of assistive technologies. Not only does it speed up the movement through entries, but the position within the list can be announced, allowing the reader to quickly return to the same spot again later, if needed.

Bibliography items should also be marked up using the Citation (DAISY) style. Each item in a bibliography will need to be selected individually and have the style applied - tedious, but very beneficial for accessibility navigation. This would be a perfect time to put your keyboard skills to work, to first select each paragraph, then apply the style. Click here for a video tutorial on this!

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