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 If you come across any issues, or have any questions, please post them on the [[public:​nnels:​etext:​q_a|Q&​A page]]. If you come across any issues, or have any questions, please post them on the [[public:​nnels:​etext:​q_a|Q&​A page]].
 +=====How to Crop Images=====
 +Sometimes you will need to crop the images after you extract them. This usually only happens with FXL (fixed layout) titles. More often it happens with books that have a two page spread.
 +After you extract the files using one of the above methods:
 +  * Open PIXLR in your browser (it's free)
 +  * Choose either option for photo editing and select ''​Launch''​
 +  * Select ''​Open Image''​
 +  * Locate file you need to crop and select ''​open''​
 +  * Use the crop tool to drag the frame to where you need to crop the image.
 +  * Hit ''​Return''​ or ''​Enter''​ on you keyboard
 +  * The image should now be cropped
 +  * Save the image as follows:
 +     * File name: Name it something you will remember. For example: ''​BookTitle_Page01''​
 +     * File type: JPG
 +     * Quality: High
 +  * Select ''​Download''​
 +  * Save the file to a new folder for the images for that book. For example: ''​BookTitle Images''​. This way you will have all the files in the same spot and with file names that you can easily understand
 +Here is a quick tutorial on how to do this: [[https://​​crX0qX0qlW]]
 +Do this for all the images that need cropping. After you are done you can [[https://​​en-us/​office/​insert-pictures-3c51edf4-22e1-460a-b372-9329a8724344#​OfficeVersion=Windows_newer_versions|insert the images into the Doc file]].
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