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Inline Citation

Sometimes you will have a book that has inline citations that reference to other pages within the book. These can appear as phrases such as "on this page", or "see page 123". When you look at the original EPUB you will notice that these are often hyperlinked.

Since we remove page numbers and hyperlinks in the reformatted book we will have to replace all these citations with the titles of the sections which are hyperlinked within the text.

  • First locate the hyperlinked inline citation within the original EPUB.

  • Then locate the inline citation within the reformatted etext.

  • Return to the EPUB and click on the hyperlink to take you to the page/section. In the example below the hyperlink lead to the Hearts section of the book.

  • Rewrite the inline citation in the reformatted etext to indicate what Section the information can be found in.

This is not an exact process, and sometimes you will be taken to pages that do not have an immediate heading. You will need to read the section to understand what it is referencing to and use the closest heading as your edited citation within the etext.
People who rely on assistive technology rely on a hierarchical heading structure to navigate the book. By amending these inline citations readers will be able to navigate to the pages based on the heading structure.
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