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   * [[public:​nnels:​etext:​terms-of-use|Terms of Use]]   * [[public:​nnels:​etext:​terms-of-use|Terms of Use]]
 +Q: What do I do if there aren't any page numbers in a kid's book? The wiki says to make sure my page numbers that I'm using for page headings match up with the book. I'm working on Birdsong and I'm using Calibre to view it and don't see any page numbers.
 +A: I opened this up in my Kindle reader to check if this was an issue with Calibre (.azw3 is a kindle file) and it still did not show numbers. ​ In this case just assign the headings in order of the pages they appear (i.e. the first page of the story is Page One and so on.)
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