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 =======Cover Image for Children’s Books======= =======Cover Image for Children’s Books=======
 [French: //​Couverture//​] [French: //​Couverture//​]
 +Enter heading ''​Cover Image''​ in ''​Heading 1''​ style at the top of the page. Resize the image to fit the page under the heading.
 Cover images are important to describe for accessibility. Cover images are important to describe for accessibility.
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 ===Example=== ===Example===
-Front Cover (heading 1 style)+Cover Image(heading 1 style)
 {{ :​public:​nnels:​etext:​kids-books:​malaikasstorycover.jpg?​400 |}} {{ :​public:​nnels:​etext:​kids-books:​malaikasstorycover.jpg?​400 |}}
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