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Producer’s Note for Children’s Books

[French: Note de rédacteur]

Since you will be changing part of the structure of the book you will need to include a Producer's Note.

A Producer's Note contains information added to the book by the producing organization. It's commonly used to describe differences between the print book and the digital talking book version. Traditionally, this has been called a transcriber's note, reader's note, or editor's note.

This Producer's Note is a Heading 1 placed after the section About this Digital Talking Book.


Producer's Note (heading 1 style)

The text in this digital talking book was originally part of each image. For the sake of recreating this book as closely to the original as possible while still allowing for easy reading and navigation, we have separated the text from the image for conversion and divided each page by section headings that match to the original page numbers. (Normal style)


Note de rédacteur (heading 1 style)

Les mots dans de livre audio numérique ont fait partie, à l’origine, de chaque image. Au nom de récréer ce livre aussi semblable à l’original que possible, tout en permettant la lecture et la navigation facile, nous avons séparé les mots des images pour conversion et nous avons divisé chaque page par les titres des sections qui sont liés aux numéros de pages originaux. (Normal style)

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