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 <WRAP center round box 80%> <WRAP center round box 80%>
 +Below is an example of a page from a children'​s book. The original text and image went over page one and two, so the heading reflects this.
 +Don't forget to enter the alt-text! See [[public:​nnels:​etext:​kids-books:​kb_alt-text|Alt-Text for Picture Books]] for directions.
 Page One and Two (heading 1) Page One and Two (heading 1)
 {{ :​public:​nnels:​etext:​kids-books:​fan_9780735263277_epub3_003_r1.jpeg?​400 |}} {{ :​public:​nnels:​etext:​kids-books:​fan_9780735263277_epub3_003_r1.jpeg?​400 |}}
-[remember to enter alt-text!] 
 Barnabus lived in a secret lab. Barnabus lived in a secret lab.
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