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-======= ​Links =======+======= ​Hyperlinks ​=======
-<note important>​Under Construction</​note>​+**We retain all hyperlinks as they appear in the original ebook.**
-**We retain all hyperlinks.**+We only remove ​hyperlinks ​for indexes with page number (unless, in the rare case, we have print page number breaks in the document).
-We only remove hyperlinks for indexes with page numbers.+You will need to check to make sure the link works. Simply click on the link to make sure it opens to an active and correct webpage.
-You will need to check to make sure the link works. To edit a hyperlink:+If it does not link properly you will have to edit the link. 
 +To edit a hyperlink:
   * Right click on the link to open the menu   * Right click on the link to open the menu
-  * Select Hyperlink>​Edit Hyperlink+  * Select ​''​Hyperlink'' ​''​Edit Hyperlink''​
   * This will open a new window   * This will open a new window
-  * Make sure there correct URL is in the ''​address''​ box under the ''​Web Page or File''​ tab +  * Make sure there correct URL is in the ''​Address''​ box under the ''​Web Page or File''​ tab
- +
-If you have hyperlinks in the document, changing their display text to ordinary language can make them much easier to understand for users who rely on screen reading programs. +
- +
-This step is explained in the video – [[https://​​en-us/​office/​video-create-accessible-links-in-word-28305cc8-3be2-417c-a313-dc22082d1ee0?​ui=en-us&​rs=en-us&​ad=us|Create accessible links]] +
- +
-  * Right click the hyperlink on the page. +
-  * Then choose Edit hyperlink. +
-  * In the Text to display box, type a description and click OK. +
- +
-When adding display text, avoid phrases like “Click here” or “Learn more”. Screen Reading software users rely on list of hyperlinks to browse the document. If the display text for all those links is the same generic phrase, such users will not be able to differentiate between the purpose of the hyperlinks+
 +<​note>​If the original ebook does not have a hyperlink then you **do not need to add one**. We are not editors, so we don't have to add any links if they were not originally there.</​note>​
 ---- ----
 =====Links for DAISY Reformatting===== =====Links for DAISY Reformatting=====
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