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-======= ​Links =======+======= ​Hyperlinks ​=======
-**We retain all hyperlinks.**+**We retain all hyperlinks ​as they appear in the original ebook.**
-We only remove hyperlinks for indexes with page numbers.+We only remove hyperlinks for indexes with page number (unless, in the rare case, we have print page number breaks in the document).
 +You will need to check to make sure the link works. Simply click on the link to make sure it opens to an active and correct webpage.
-----+If it does not link properly you will have to edit the link.
 +To edit a hyperlink:
 +  * Right click on the link to open the menu
 +  * Select ''​Hyperlink''​ > ''​Edit Hyperlink''​
 +  * This will open a new window
 +  * Make sure there correct URL is in the ''​Address''​ box under the ''​Web Page or File''​ tab
 +<​note>​If the original ebook does not have a hyperlink then you **do not need to add one**. We are not editors, so we don't have to add any links if they were not originally there.</​note>​
 =====Links for DAISY Reformatting===== =====Links for DAISY Reformatting=====
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