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Communication Guidelines for PA's and Supervisor

The Supervisor will conduct regular checkins with the Production Assistant, employee, to see how production work is going. This can include direct emails, or messages within RT.

When the employee is first hired they will receive online orientation with additional support via email, phone, or video chat.

This additional support will last the first 2 months of employment, after which the employee will be expected to work more independently.

All production related questions are to be posted the Q&A section of the wiki.

Communications around a specific title can also be posted in RT. Please see the training notes on how to comment on RT here.

The Supervisor will continue to make regular checkins on progress. This will include direct comments in the RT ticket of a book to see how progress is coming, and general emails every two weeks to check in on overall performance and allow the opportunity for employees to communicate with questions or concerns directly with the Supervisor.

If there are special circumstances, such as death in the family, or illness, the employee can contact the supervisor directly via email to discuss how this will impact their workflow.

The supervisor can also make time for phone or video calls depending on the nature of the situation. This will only occur if the nature of the question or issue requires this additional support.

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