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 ======Plays====== ======Plays======
-<note important>​UNDER CONSTUCTION</​note>​+A play is a work of drama, usually consisting mostly of dialogue between characters, along with stage directions, and is intended for theatrical performance rather than just reading. 
 +We approach a written play the same way we approach other genres of ebooks. We are reformatting the written version, not creating a dramatization of the play. There are other services that do this for people with print disabilities. 
 +For the most part, we approach plays the same way we approach other books.
 ====Character List==== ====Character List====
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 Plays sometimes have Character and/or Cast List. Plays sometimes have Character and/or Cast List.
-These should be formatted as an unordered list. As well as any other list types within a play.+These should be formatted as an unordered list. This goes for any other list types within a play.
 To learn more see the [[public:​nnels:​etext:​lists#​unordered|Unordered List Section]]. To learn more see the [[public:​nnels:​etext:​lists#​unordered|Unordered List Section]].
 ====Dialogue==== ====Dialogue====
 +In a play dialogue is often presented with the Character'​s name before the dialogue.
 +<WRAP center round box 80%>
 +**Vladimir**:​ I want to know how to format dialogue
 +**Estragon**:​ It is actually easier to do that you would think!
 +Apply the ''​Strong''​ style to the Character name, and leave the dialogue in ''​Normal''​ style.
 +See [[public:​nnels:​etext:​bold-italics-underline-strikethrough#​bold|Bold]] for more information
 ====Stage Directions==== ====Stage Directions====
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 Follow the guidelines for [[public:​nnels:​etext:​textboxes_and_sidebars|sidebar]] content. Follow the guidelines for [[public:​nnels:​etext:​textboxes_and_sidebars|sidebar]] content.
-Q: I am editing a play.  All the dialogue begins with the characters name, e.g. Character: Dialogue. This part is clear, but I am wondering if there is anything special you want me to do with the stage directions. ​ Maybe an inline producers note indicating it is a stage direction and not dialogue? 
-A: Good question. The stage directions are normally marked as "​asides"​ or "​sidebars"​. We can follow the guidelines for [[public:​nnels:​etext:​textboxes_and_sidebars|sidebar]] content. 
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